We know life’s earliest experiences can strongly influence wellbeing and success in the short and long term. That’s why, all across California, people are working to make policies, practices, and systems better for little kids. We use our voices and inspire action in various ways, but our goal is the same: the wellbeing of young kids—and the adults they’ll become.

All Together Now is a statewide movement to highlight the need to prioritize children in policy and budget decisions. Our priority is to ensure all kids grow up safe, healthy, and ready to thrive in school and life. Learn more about All Together Now.

The Early Childhood Resource Library provides research, data, and stories to All Together Now partners. Join us in using these resources to keep the drumbeat for little kids steady and strong.

The resource library is organized in alignment with the priorities of All Together Now: 

Health & Wellness

All children should receive comprehensive developmental and health screenings at an early age and should be connected quickly to services they need to ensure they have the best opportunity to succeed.

Early Learning

All children should have access to quality, affordable learning opportunities – opportunities where they are read, spoken, and sung with.

Paid Family Leave

All families should have the time they need to care for and bond with their new baby without sacrificing their ability to make ends meet.

Strong Families

All families should have the tools and support they need to forge strong relationships with their children and strengthen their family’s stability.